Unlocking The Sealed Door In Snowpoint Temple Lower Level

Sealed Door In Snowpoint Temple

During your first visit to Snowpoint Temple in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you will likely find yourself down in the lower levels of the structure and come across a rather large and interesting looking door. It has 6 switch looking items on it which seem to correspond to the statues that are on the upper floor but it doesn’t appear obvious as to what you are meant to do to unlock it.

You will more than likely give up, this is because it is not possible to unlock the door at that point of the game. You will find yourself needing to come back here much later however and this is when you must figure out the secret to unlock the door.

Note: If you are dealing with the puzzle relating to the panels, check out this guide for unlocking the Snowpoint Temple ice, steel and stone panel doors.

Using Plates To Unlock Snowpoint Temple Door

ground floor door in snowpoint temple
The large door will be available for you to interact once you have completed the main story of the game.

You may not have all of the required items for the door to unlock when you first make it back here. If you do not, the game will say something like, plate X and plate Y responded to the door but nothing happened. This is because you will need to have three plates to unlock it.

Since there is a plate for all different Pokemon types, you may be able to hazard a guess as to what plates you need in order to get inside. The same element types were used for the statues upstairs.

  • Stone
  • Iro
  • Ice

Once you have all of the plates, approach the main door and you will see that it reacts to the plates and will unlock, allowing you access to the chamber that resides below the temple.

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