The Diamond Clan's Treasure - Request 89

diamond clan's treasure

After you have finished up with the main story and dealt with the rift, you will eventually bump into Adamant who will give you a request called “The Diamond Clan’s treasure”. The quest is simple, you just have to win a Pokemon battle against Adamant, but the reward for this can be rather unclear.

Once you get the reward for completing the battle, you may be wondering what to do with it or even how to use it. Here is everything you need to know. If you are wondering the same thing about the Lustrous globe item for the pearl clan, the solution is more or less the same.

adamant crystal
Once you win the battle, Adamant will give you a crystal

Can’t Find The Adamant Crystal In Your Inventory?

You completed the battle and got the crystal, but it isn’t in your satchel, what gives!! The crystal is in your inventory, you are just looking in the wrong tab. This is another example of the game not being super clear when it comes to this kind of thing.

where is the adamant crystal
To find the Adamant Crystal, you need to press R to navigate over to the Key Items tab

The crystal can be found in the Key Items tab of your inventory. It is unusual for items to show up here but this is where to find it.

What does the Adamant Crystal do?

The description of the item reads “When used on Dialga, this large, glowing gem wells with power and allows the Pokemon to change form.”. What exactly is changing form, does this mean it is possible to evolve Dialga?

Not quite, this crystal does change the form of the Pokemon so it looks like it is an evolved Pokemon, but it is not officially an evolution as it is possible to use the crystal to change back and forth between the two different forms.

dialga change form
When you use the crystal on Dialga, this is the form that he will change to.

Changing Dialga Back To Original Form

If you do not like the changed form that Dialga has once you use the Adamant Crystal, it is possible to just use the crystal again on the Pokemon to change it back to the original form.

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