Increasing SPECIAL Stats In Fallout Shelter

special stats in fallout shelter

S.P.E.C.I.A.L (Strength, Perception, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) stats are a reoccurring system throughout the Fallout series. Fallout Shelter SPECIAL Stats are applied to each individual vault dweller. Early on in the game most of your vault dwellers will usually have 2 or 3 of a single skill and won’t be particularly strong in anything. SPECIAL stats are used to determine what job your dweller will work best at. For example, a dweller with high Charisma will make babies faster when placed inside Living Quarters. Each room that you can build has a specific SPECIAL skill that it required dwellers to have in order to run effectively. If you put 2 dwellers with low Intelligence inside a Medbay it could take over 20 minutes before a stimpack is produced, on the other hand, 2 dwellers with higher intelligence could produce one in 4 or 5 minutes.

Fallout Shelter workers
Fallout Shelter workers

When you highlight a room in your vault, you will see some stats at the bottom of the screen. The value on the left shows what skill that this room requires. The S stands for strength. This means if you place dwellers with a high strength stat inside this room they will produce power much faster than if they had a low stat. After playing for a while you will figure out what the stat requirements for each room are.

If you drag a dweller over a room you will be able to see what kind of bonus to the required stat that you will get if you placed the dweller inside this room. It is much easier doing this rather than going into each dweller and checking what their SPECIAL stats are. In the early days of your vault, there isn’t much you can do to control these SPECIAL stats, so just hover the dweller over all of the rooms and pick the room that gives the best bonus.

How To Increase SPECIAL Stats

So this is likely why you are reading this. How do you increase vault dwellers’ special stats? Well there are 2 ways to do this. The first way is to equip clothing with SPECIAL attributes. You can get these outfits from lunchboxes and from exploring the wasteland. You will occasionally find a jacket or something that might give the wearer a bonus of +2 Strength when wearing this jacket. If you have gear inside your collection that is not equipped then make sure you use it quickly as it will give your dweller a nice bonus to a stat and increase the time it takes to harvest resources from a room.

Clothing will be your only method of raising your SPECIAL stats early in the game you do not get access to the required training rooms until later in the game.

Training rooms are used to permanently increase vault dweller stats. By placing a dweller inside a training room they will work toward improving the special stat that the room improves. For example, the weight room increases your strength as the dwellers will go here and work out. This sounds like a very simple task, but it isn’t as simple as you think. As your vault grows you are going to need more resources. If you have all of your vault dwellers inside of training rooms there won’t be enough resources produced to fulfill the requirement and this will not be good for your vault. So don’t expect to max out all your dweller’s stats in a few hours.

There is a training room that will improve each of the SPECIAL stats. The first room will unlock when your vault hits 24 dwellers.

Room NameDweller RequirementSPECIAL Stat
Weight Room24 dwellersStrength
Athletics Room26 dwellersAgility
Armory28 dwellersPerception
Classroom30 dwellersIntelligence
Fitness Room35 dwellersEndurance
Lounge40 dwellersCharisma
Game Room50 dwellersLuck


By placing a dweller inside of one of the above rooms, you will increase the SPECIAL stats of this vault dweller. By upgrading the room you will reduce the time it takes for the dweller to get an increase to the SPECIAL stat. It’s a good idea to get your dwellers into these rooms as often as possible, but make sure not to take away from any resource room that is currently at its limit. I usually like to take dwellers with good charisma and put them into the training rooms and train them up in a SPECIAL stat that you know you are going to require when you expand.

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