Everything You Need To Know About Mr Handy

mr handy fallout shelter

Mr. Handy is the iconic robot that has been part of the Fallout series since the beginning. He also makes an appearance in Fallout Shelter where you can use him to help with the maintenance of your vault. Mr.Handy is a lot more useful than he might first appear, but there is a lot to know about him that is not immediately obvious for anyone who has one. So here is everything that you need to know about Mr.Handy in Fallout Shelter.

How to get Mr. Handy?

Mr.Handy is a paid character that you must buy using real-world money. If you are very lucky you will be able to get him from a lunch box. It has been confirmed that this is possible, but I have not seen it happen myself. If you open the menu where you buy lunchboxes you will see that you can buy him or a pack of 5. I will explain later why multiple are useful.

What does Mr. Handy do?

He doesn’t appear to do very much from the start, but he does come in very useful. The first thing you will notice is that he will help put out fires and will fight off any monsters or raiders that attack your vault. He isn’t particularly strong, but it’s better than nothing. Mr. Handy will also collect resources from your vault. When a room is ready he will automatically gather the resources. He does this even when you are not playing the game! There is a catch to this though and this is why you need multiple of them. Mr.Handy will only gather resources in the rooms that are on the same level that you placed him on. He will not travel all around the vault to gather resources. This sucks and is a money-making scheme to make you buy more, but unfortunately, it’s the way it is.

Can Mr. Handy Be Repaired?

This is the first issue I came across with him. How can you repair him? Well, the answer is that he can’t be repaired. I know it’s annoying as hell. I’d say they will eventually release a new room that you can send Mr.Handy to in order to be repaired, but until then you cannot heal him.

Can Mr. Handy Be Revived When He Dies?

This is a positive one. He can be repaired when he dies. It costs 2000 caps to repair him (steep i know), but at least it doesn’t cost real money. I was expecting him to die completely and for you to have to buy a new one when he dies, but thankfully you do get to revive him when he dies. Mr.Handy will revive with full health.

Can Mr. Handy Be Sent Out To The Wasteland?

It is possible to send Mr. Handy out to the wasteland, but so far it’s not been a worthwhile experience. He will head out and gather caps, but he won’t fight off any monsters. I have yet to hear of anyone getting anything special from having him out in the wasteland so it probably isn’t worth sending him out since he is a lot of use when used correctly back at your vault.

How To Make The Most Out Of Mr Handy

To take full advantage of a single Mr. Handy you need to construct a floor on your vault that only contains rooms that resources can be salvaged from. There isn’t much point in having him on a floor with a bunch of training rooms since he won’t be as effective as he could be on another floor. The best thing to do is to build double rooms. You won’t get the max value that you would get from a triple room, but it means that you can gather an even amount of resources from all of the rooms over time. When you come back to the game you should have a solid reserve (usually max of everything) of all resources.

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