How to explore the galactic HQ?

Explore the galactic HQ

You are likely reading this because you have been running circles around the galactic HQ in Pokemon brilliant diamond or shining pearl and have not been able to complete the objective to explore the galactic HQ. Here is what you need to do.

First, you need to explore the lower areas, using the yellow teleporters. Eventually you will find yourself in a lower level area and obtain a galactic key. Once you have this, it’s time to leave your current location.

The video guide below explains how to explore the galactic HQ super easy but I will add a description below for those who want it.

Once you have the galactic key, head out and go to the main galactic HQ building. The video above will help you find it If you haven’t been there yet.

Once you get to this building, you can use the galactic key to get inside and head up the stairs to explore the rest of the building. It should be fairly straightforward from here. The biggest problem most people have when they get the task to explore the galactic HQ is finding what to do in the initial building. The solution is to simply leave!

Explore the galactic hq
This is the exterior of the main galactic HQ building. You need to come here after you obtain the galactic key. This will allow you to complete the quest objective.
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