Unlocking The Creature Door In The Astronomy Wing

When you start to explore the astronomy wing in Hogwarts Legacy, you are sure to come across a rather unique door. The door frame is surrounded by an arch of unusual looking creatures and animals. You can reveal the black area of the door to find some kind of puzzle.

Edit. These doors are part of the arithmancy class and you will need to find the cipher to make sense of the animals and what numbers they stand for. I have put together a more detailed guide with a picture of the cipher to help you solve these math chalk board doors.

Solving this is key to opening the door. The numbers five and 12 are at the center and you will need to figure out which two creatures or animals you need to use for the areas marked with a single question mark and a double question mark.

The solution to this is quite odd. Mainly because it is hard to explain what each of the creatures actually are. Some of them just look like golden blobs with some kind of limbs hanging off of them. Maybe a face in there now and then. The imabe below is likely the best way to solve this but I will try explain the creatures too.

creature door in astronomy wing
You can see the two animals selected on either side of the unlocked door. Select these to get inside.

The first creature, with a single question mark looks like some kind of monster head. With two ears and then two…things hanging above its mouth, maybe a monster mustashe.

The second creature looks like some kind of baloon monster. It has four tentacles coming from it with a large baloon like body with a hole in the middle.

Once you have selected both of these, the locked puzzle door in the Astronomy wing of Hogwarts will open.

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