Avoiding Camers & Guards the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building

In Metal Gear Solid, the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building is a high-security area filled with guards, security cameras, and other surveillance measures. Successfully navigating this area requires stealth, strategy, and careful timing. In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions to help you make it past the security cameras and guards in the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.

  1. Approach the Building: Begin by approaching the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building from a safe distance. Observe the guards’ patrol patterns and wait for an opening to move forward.
  2. Avoid Security Cameras: Keep an eye out for security cameras mounted on the walls and ceilings. Their field of view is indicated by a cone-shaped area on the ground. Stay out of this area to avoid detection. If necessary, use chaff grenades to temporarily disable the cameras.
  3. Enter the Building: Once you have bypassed the guards and cameras outside, locate the entrance to the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building and quietly enter the facility.
  4. Disguise Yourself: To avoid arousing suspicion from the guards inside the building, equip the appropriate disguise, such as a scientist’s lab coat or a guard’s uniform.
  5. Walk, Don’t Run: While disguised, walk slowly and calmly to blend in with the other personnel in the building. Running or performing any suspicious actions will alert the guards to your presence.
  6. Stay Out of Restricted Areas: Be aware of any restricted areas within the building, marked by signs or barriers. Entering these areas while disguised will result in your cover being blown and the guards becoming hostile.
  7. Use Distractions: If necessary, create distractions to divert the guards’ attention away from your path. This can be done by knocking on walls, using empty magazines, or throwing objects.
  8. Disable Security Measures: In some parts of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building, you may encounter laser tripwires, electrified floors, or other security measures. To disable these devices, locate the nearby control panel and use the appropriate keycard or tool to deactivate them.
  9. Exit the Building: Once you have accomplished your objectives within the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building, carefully make your way to the exit. Be mindful of any remaining guards and security measures as you leave the facility.

Successfully navigating the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building in Metal Gear Solid requires patience, observation, and a strategic approach. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can avoid detection, complete your objectives, and progress through the game without unnecessary confrontations. Remember to stay vigilant and utilize your arsenal of weapons and gadgets to overcome the challenges that lie ahead in the world of Metal Gear Solid.

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