Navigating the Tank Hangar Area In MGS

Navigating the Tank Hangar Area

In Metal Gear Solid, the Tank Hangar area is a crucial location filled with numerous guards, cameras, and other security measures. Successfully navigating this area requires a combination of stealth, strategy, and timing. In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions to help you make it through the Tank Hangar area safely and efficiently.

Navigating the Tank Hangar Area

  1. Approach the Hangar: Begin by approaching the Tank Hangar area from the outside. Observe the guards’ patrol patterns and wait for an opening to move forward.
  2. Avoid Security Cameras: Keep an eye out for security cameras mounted on the walls. Their field of view is indicated by a cone-shaped area on the ground. Stay out of this area to avoid detection. If necessary, use chaff grenades to temporarily disable the cameras.
  3. Enter the Hangar: Once you have bypassed the guards and cameras outside, locate the entrance to the Tank Hangar and quietly enter the building.
  4. Use the Air Vents: Upon entering the hangar, you will notice a series of air vents on the ground. Crawl into one of these vents to move around the area undetected. Use your radar and the in-game map to determine the best vent to use for reaching your desired destination within the hangar.
  5. Beware of Guards Inside: While moving through the air vents, be cautious of guards patrolling inside the hangar. Wait for them to move away from your exit point before emerging from the vent.
  6. Locate Key Items: As you navigate the Tank Hangar area, be sure to search for key items, such as weapons, ammunition, and rations. These items can be found in lockers, on shelves, or hidden in corners.
  7. Disable Electrified Floors: In some parts of the Tank Hangar, you may encounter electrified floors that can harm you. To disable these floors, locate the nearby control panel and use the appropriate keycard to turn off the electricity.
  8. Exit the Hangar: Once you have accomplished your objectives within the Tank Hangar area, carefully make your way to the exit. Be mindful of any remaining guards and security measures as you leave the building.

Successfully navigating the Tank Hangar area in Metal Gear Solid requires patience, observation, and a strategic approach. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can avoid detection, complete your objectives, and progress through the game without unnecessary confrontations. Remember to stay vigilant and utilize your arsenal of weapons and gadgets to overcome the challenges that lie ahead in the world of Metal Gear Solid.

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