All Energy Doors For Groas Secret

You will visit Alfheim early on in the game and while you are there, you will need to solve several puzzles based on the reflective stone and energy barriers blocking doors. In most cases, you will need to throw the leviathan axe at a reflective mirror stone to hit a crystal above the door to drop the energy shield so you can get through.

There are a couple of doorways in the main stricture that you will need to get through while you are being tasked to reach groa’s shrine atop the temple. This guide will show you how to get past all of these doorways.

Doorway With Crank

The first tricky doorway has a large crank down to the bottom left that will allow you to change the position of the main reflective stone. There will also be some paddles on this that allow you to rotate it so the reflective part of the pendulum is facing toward the energy crystal above the door.

This one isnt too hard as you should already be familiar with all of the mechanics used in this puzzle, it will just have been the first time you might have had to use them all together in order to solve a puzzle.

Two Statues Energy Door Puzzle

This one is probably the most tricky of all of the energy crystal doors you will come across in Alfheim. You will need to move the two large statues around that are in the room in order to make it so the reflective stone crystals are in the correct position that allows the leviathan axe to hit the crystal above the door. If you are stuck here, the video guide below will show you what you need to do to solve this puzzle.

Elevator Door Energy Crystal

Another one that is a little tricky is one of the last doors that is blocking access to the elevator that is going to bring you to the top of the temple. There are a few different things in this area to interact with, some of which have no impact on the actual door, so knowing what to make use of here is important when you are stuck. It is very easy to get thrown off by what you see in the area.

You will need to use a stun arrow on the greenish piece of metal holding a reflective stone mirror to the wall on the left side of the elevator. This will cause it to fall down and almost be facing the door. You will need to wait for Tyr to jump up and move it for you. He will do this after you spend a few seconds trying to figure it out.

Once Tyr has moved it, walk to the left side of the area and get a little closer to the mirror that is hanging down from the ceiling. Throw the axe at it and you should have a good enough angle for it to be able to bounce off it and hit the door crystal.

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