Flappy Goat, The Worst Gaming Experience I Have Ever Had

flappy goat

Over the weekend I bought Goat Simulator as it was on sale. Thought it might be a fun game to pick up and play now and then. The game itself was quite funny and I spent around 2 hours messing around, at which point I came across a TV that had a Flappy Bird clone on it called Flappy Goat. Being the trophy whore that I am, I checked the list to see if there was a trophy for getting a particular score. Turns out there was, get 10 points. Seems pretty easy as I have gotten a score in the 30s with flappy bird on my phone. This went on to be what I consider the most frustrating and least enjoyable experience I have ever had playing a video game.

The simple solution here have been to stop playing , but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do this. I was too determined to get the trophy that I didn’t want to let this stupid little game beat me. The experience was horrible. It got to the point where I couldn’t quit but It was feeling like I would never be able to get the 10 points. There were several times where I got to 9, panicked and then messed it up. The frustration was extreme. Flappy bird was known for being a frustrating game, but this was 10 times worse. Mainly because the game completely broken.

Just look at the state of the hitbox here. The goat is clearly not touching the ladder, yet the game told me I did. This happened more than once. Not only was the goat bigger than flappy bird, but it was also bigger than the actual object appeared to be. This threw a lot of skill out of the window. It all came down to luck on whether you made it through each pipe. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I can’t describe how infuriating this experience was. Fortunately for my own sanity I was able to get a score of 10 in the end after 3 hours straight of extreme anger. If I could go back I think I would never have even purchased this game. The fun from the game didn’t nearly out weigh the crappy flappy goat game.

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