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Game System Power Consumption

In a world of ever growing concern over our carbon footprint, we need to ensure that everything we do is energy efficient. Gaming is no exception to this. Knowing how much power your gaming systems produce is key in helping...
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Forager Buildings Guide

There are many different buildings that you can construct in Forager under the main four main categories. If you are playing Forager for the first time, you will likely have many questions as to what the many different buildings do....
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They Are Billions Game Guide

They Are Billions puts a new twist on the long running RTS game genre. For long time fans of the genre, the knowledge you have learned from games like Age of Empires may not be much use to you. This...
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Fortnite Save The World Beginners Guide

Having spent some time playing Fortnite, I can say for sure that there is a bit of a learning curve. The main homebase UI is quite large and complex and due to the free to play design of the game,...
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God of War Collectible Guide

God of War has gotten a massiverhaul from the structure of the previous games. The game has taken on a Tomb Raider like approach to collectibles. There are quite a few different collectibles scattered all over the world and this...
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Jazzpunk Game Guide & Walkthrough

Welcome to my walkthrough for Jazzpunk. This game is absolute madness that makes no sense at all from start to finish. There is a huge amount of stuff to do outside of the main story, so be sure to take...
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Fallout 4 Speed Run Guide

I have personally put a LOT of hours into this game in an attempt to discover the FASTEST EASIEST route to Platinum, approx 25hrs. There may be odd parts which could be improved upon, due to the sheer size of...