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Hardware Components Questions & Answers


How much more powerful is the Xbox Series X when compared to the S. Is it worth getting the S at all?

The Xbox Series X also has an SSD drive for storage, why is everyone making a big deal about Sony having one in the PS5 when the Xbox also has one?

What is the big deal with the SSD? Why is this so important with the PS5 and what does it do?

Can you put an SSD drive into the PS4 to improve the performance of games.

Is the PS5 a more powerful console than the Xbox Series x?

Will the Xbox Series X have better graphics than the PS5?

I don’t know where to plug in the capture card input into a macbook air

If I own a game on disc and it's free on PS Plus, how do I play it without the disc?

If i want to start a virtual reality game, what does it cost to get started? Is it expensive to get a Vr setup and buy all of the computer parts that you need to do it?

Everyone is talking about VR games and I want to start playing them too. I own a PS4 and a Nintendo switch. How much does a virtual reality headset cost so that I can play VR games?