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Will the Xbox Series X have better graphics than the PS5?

Does the dualshock 4 controller from the PS4 work with the PS5 system?

I don’t know where to plug in the capture card input into a macbook air

If I own a game on disc and it's free on PS Plus, how do I play it without the disc?

If i want to start a virtual reality game, what does it cost to get started? Is it expensive to get a Vr setup and buy all of the computer parts that you need to do it?

Everyone is talking about VR games and I want to start playing them too. I own a PS4 and a Nintendo switch. How much does a virtual reality headset cost so that I can play VR games?

I have a PS3 and want to get the PSVR. Can I use the headset to play VR games on the PS3?

I have a large collection of disc based games for the PS4. If I purchase a PlayStation 4 Pro, will all of these games work on it?

Do games released for the PS4 pro also work with the base Ps4 that was released first?

Does the boost mode on the Playstation 4 pro make every game look better even if there has not been a patch released for it?