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How to Solve the Light Puzzle at the Well of Urd

When you drink the magic potion and make your way to Asgard you will be in for quite the experience. The land is quite magical and filled with some unusual quests. One of these quests will have you travel to...

Treasure beneath Evinghou Tower?

How do you get to the hidden treasure in Evinghou tower? I see the treasure below the bottom floor but I don't know how to get down there.

Birstan not leaving after killing bears?

Birstan is not leaving toward the objective after I have killed the bears that are attacking him. How do you fix this?

Game save corrupted

Is there a way to fix a corrupted game save in assassin's creed valhalla?

Where is the builders paint for the big finish quest?

Where is the builders paint needed for the final rune in the tower at Asgard?
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Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin's creed Valhalla is the first game in the franchise to be based on Norse mythology. The game takes place in England where you battle to earn your place in this new land. Pillaging and killing is the Viking way...

PS5 not responding to controller input

The PlayStation 5 has frozen and will not accept controller input. The PS button won't work

How are you meant to solve the cats footfall riddle?

How are you meant to solve the cats footfall riddle for the quest in asgard?

Illuminate the path into Alfheimr help?

How do you illuminate the path into Alfheimr? A blind man is asking me to help

How to break wall under waterfall at ravensthorpe

How do you break the wall underneath the waterfall at ravensthorpe?