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How To Line Up The Train Carts

One of the early missions in the game will ask you to setup the train carts to perform some, sort of unclear, reason. Since you are likely getting the hang of things, this puzzle can be tricky as it will...

Deserted chalet chest key location?

Where is the key for the locked chest in the deserted chalet?

How do you break through the wall in the repair shop?

How do you break down the suspicous brick wall in the back of the repair shop. The quest is directing me this way and it looks like it can be broken but punches to not do anything.

How Do You charge the backup power?

How do you power up the backup generator when you are looking for spiderman the cat in Miles morales?

How do you set buildings on fire?

Is there a way to burn down buildings on demand in Assassin's creed Valhalla?
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Marvel's Spiderman: Miles Morales Review

Score: 8/10
After the incredible reboot of the Spiderman game franchise, we are all too excited to get our hands on the next chapter of the adventure. Spiderman: Miles Morales picks up where we left off in the previous game. Miles has...

How do you perform a perfect dodge?

How do you perform a perfect dodge during combat in Spiderman: Miles Morales?

How do you put out the fire on the bridge?

How are you meant to put out the flames to rescue the civilians who are stranded at the edge of the collapsing bridge?

What does the SSD do in the PS5?

What is the big deal with the SSD? Why is this so important with the PS5 and what does it do?

Can AA batteries be used with the PS5 dualsense controller?

Will rechargeable AA batteries work with the PS5 dualsense controller?