The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

Breath of the Wild was the much anticipated Zelda game for the Wii U. Due to the massive failure of the system, the game was delayed and was released for the Wii U and as a launch game for the Nintendo Switch.

The game played a huge part in catapulting the Nintendo Switch to becoming an instant success and has become one of the biggest games ever released in the Zelda series.

Breath of the Wild follows the same story we have seen in past Zelda games. Gannon has taken over Hyrule castle and Link needs to defeat him and save princess Zelda. What really broke the mold was the gameplay. The standard linear experience has been replaced with a complete open world. You can complete the dungeons in any order you wish, which is something very new for the franchise.

The level of detail and effort put into this game made is one of the most popular and highly regarded games since Ocarina of Time. Breath of the Wild is a must have for any owner of a Nintendo Switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

"The wait for Breath of the Wild to release was a long one but turned out to be worth every minute. The transition to an open world experience turned out to be one of the best moves the series could have made. Exploring Hyrule is such an incredibly rewarding experience. The funny little side quests to the loot-filled dungeons. There will always be a secret of some kind to find when you are exploring. The story is the same as always but somehow feels fresh. Building up the strength to face Gannon is one of the best adventures you will ever experience in a video game."
Score: 10
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How are you meant to open those purple skull chests in breath of the wold? I have found one but it is locked

Link is taking damage from the cold but I need to get through this area for a quest. How do you survive the cold?

I need to find the place centered amid four shrines. How do i find where this location is?

A lot of Zelda games in the past have had fishing mini-games that allow Link to take a quiet break from the madness and kick back, relax and catch some fish. There are plenty of fish to be seen in the water which makes me wonder, can you go fishing?

Is there a way to remove Weapons and shields from your inventory? I have so much junk and clutter taking up space

When you play Breath Of The Wild on your TV, you will notice that the screen on the Wii U gamepad is constantly displaying a message that tells you to tap the gamepad to swap the game video over. When you tap, the game video goes from the TV to the game controller. Is there […]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Game Guides

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Faron Tower Guide

This guide will show you where to find faron tower and how to climb to the top of it in the legend of zelda breath of the wild.
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Lake Tower Guide

This guide will show you where to find lake tower and how you climb to the top of it. Since there are no obstacles, this one should be easy.
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Central Tower Guide

This guide will show you how to climb to the top of central tower in breath of the wild. Dealing with the guardians will be your only challenge here
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Gerudo Tower Guide

This guide will show you how to climb to the top of the Gerudo Tower in Breath of the Wild. The large hole in the ground can make this diffficult.
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Wasteland Tower Guide

This guide will show you how to climb to the top of wasteland tower in breath of the wild. The water pools need to be avoided to get to the top.

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