Stories: The Path of Destinies Beginners Guide

path of destinies beginners guide

Before getting stuck into the game, there are a few things that are useful to know about the game to make sure that you get off to the best possible start. If you are aiming to get all of the achievements of trophies in the game, this will be worth reading over to make sure that you get off to the best possible start.

There are 24 possible endings to this game. This means if you want to get 100% completion in Stories: The Path of Destinies you will need to complete the game 24 times to get each of the different endings. Not to worry though, each play through takes between 30-45 minutes. It will still take several hours to complete the game but not as much as it first seems.

After each chapter you will be presented with a 2 or 3 options that will determine where the game goes next. There will be a small yellow box with an exclamation mark in it to siignal whether you have selected this option. It will help you keep track at the start, but later on in the game this gets very difficult since there are so many options to keep track of. If you want get all of the endings, then you should follow this guide to get all of the story endings.

Leveling Up

After each battle, you will be presented with an overview screen that will award you with some XP based on your performance during the fight. If you want to unlock all of the abilities in the game, you will need to play through the game around 30 times. However, if you can put the effort in to mix up your moves during combat and avoid getting hit, you can get up to 550 extra xp per encounter. This will cut down the amount of time you need to spend grinding later on.

In order to get the most possible XP for fighting style, you need to execute the following moves during a single battle. You will not have these moves unlocked from the start. I would focus on unlocking these skills as quickly as possible.

  • Throw enemy off a ledge
  • Throw enemy at another enemy
  • Grab enemy and use them as a shield to block another attack
  • Dash through an enemy and hurt them (requires ability unlock)
  • Use hook to grab an enemy from a distance
  • Counter an enemy attack
  • Use any sword power
  • Attack an enemy normally

If you complete all of the above you will be awarded with an extra 300 XP for the fight and if it is your first time doing this you should get an achievement/trophy.


When you earn enough XP and level up, you will unlock a skill point that you can spend on an ability. You can access your skill tree by using alters that are found throughout the game. The tutorial at the start will guide you through all of this so you will figure this out early. It is possible to unlock every skill in the game, so there is no need to worry about which ones you need to pick. Choose the ones that interest you most and eventually you can unlock them all. I would personally focus on unlocking as many of the unique abilities as quick as possible as these will aid you in combat, helping you get more XP. I would suggest you purchase the 2 abilities that increase your running speed. Seems pointless but this will make you run twice as fast, helping you to get through the levels faster if you end up repeating sections in order to make a different decision further on.

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