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How To Increase Your Power Level

This guide will explain the practice behind increasing your power level in Destiny 2. If you do not know what power level is, I would suggest you check out the guide that explains how levels and XP work in Destiny...
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How to get Rat King's Crew

All planets contain a secret exotic weapon that can be obtained after you complete all of the missions and quests on a single planet. You will not be able to complete everything on your first visit. Often you will find...
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Completing The Scouting Patrol Quest On The Farm

There is a scouting patrol mission on the farm that will provide you and everyone else there with a temporary buff. This buff will be removed as soon as you leave the farm, but while you are there it will...
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Fastest Way To Level In Destiny 2

Level 20 is the max level your character can reach in Destiny 2. There is a trophy/achievement for reaching level 20 which should come naturally as you play, but you may want to speed this up. Getting to level 20...
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How to Trigger Heroic Public Events

When playing through any public event across the planets in Destiny 2, you will find that they start to get quite easy over time. For those after a bigger challenge and for those wanting to get better loot, you can...
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Haunted Large Crate Puzzle Room Solution

This puzzle is found toward the end of Level 3: Haunted in Vaporum. You will need to get a golden key that is locked inside a box that is currently blocked by a large door. In order to get to...
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The Thumium Experiment Pressure Plate Puzzle Level 9

This puzzle is a secret area in the 9th level in Vaporum called "The Thumium Experiment". This is a room of pressure plates that control a door at the end. The goal is to stand on every single pressure plate...
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Yaoi Art Piece Locations

The Yaoi art pieces are the fancy pictures of Craig and Tweek that you find all around South Park. Some are easy to get at the start of the game and others will be blocked from obtaining until you have...
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Mr. Adams Poster Location Guide

When you visit the interrogation room you will find that it is covered with weird pictures of clowns. Speak with the man here and he will introduce himself and give you a quest to find 8 posters of him that...
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Big Gay Al's Cat Locations

There is a good chance that you will have come across these cats early on in the game and not known what to do with them. After speaking with Big Gay Al at his home, he will give you a...


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