How to get a stamped pass/letter for Valsembor

When you exist the large yokel tent and attempt to enter the town of Valsembor, the security guard at the gate will stop you and say you need a stamped town pass in order to enter. Here is what you need to do to get one.

  • Enter the hut next to the guard
  • On the table is a stamp machine. Take the sponge from the mechanism and the brown leather piece below it. You will need to remove the clips to the left and right in order to take it.
  • Head back toward the big tend and turn right before the entrance. You will find a dead squid near the water. Dip the sponge into the ink.
  • Go inside the youkel hut and speak with the blacksmith. Give him the leather board and the candles and he will give you a stamp.
  • Wall to the other side of the market to find a man looking at some vegetables. He picks up a bell pepper and tells you he owns a restaurant in town. Speak to him until he gives you an unstamped pass for Valsembor.
  • Return to the hut near the guard.
  • Place the ink sponge back in the machine.
  • Place the stamp into the machine and out the ink sponge below it.
  • Place the leather board back down
  • Place the unstamped letter on top of the leather board
  • Close the two clips at either side.
  • Exit out and stamp the machine down onto the sponge.
  • Enter back into the view of the machine and move the ink sponge.
  • Go back out and pull the stamp down again to stamp the paper.
  • You now have a stamped pass to enter the town. Remove the two clips either side to collect the paper.

The video below will guide you through this process, rather slowly, if you need a visual guide to get the pass I’d the steps above were unclear.



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