Alan Wake II

Alan Wake II Box Art

Saga Anderson arrives to investigate ritualistic murders in a small town. Alan Wake pens a dark story to shape the reality around him. These two heroes are somehow connected. Can they become the heroes they need to be?



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Where is the moose skull mask for the float?
[Alan Wake II] - Where do I find the moose skull mask for the float at coffee world in Alan wake 2? View Answer
Where is the safe in coffee world?
[Alan Wake II] - How do I get the key from the safe at coffee world in Alan wake 2? View Answer
Where is the code to open the stash with the crossbow?
[Alan Wake II] - What is the code to unlock the stash that has the crossbow inside. I can't find the code. View Answer
How to solve the tracker, looker, cleaner safe puzzle?
[Alan Wake II] - How do I solve the tracker, looker cleaner puzzle for the coffee world safe in Alan wake 2? View Answer
Stuck with the light in shrine st. Station underground
[Alan Wake II] - What are you supposed to do with the light down in the tunnels of shrine st station in Alan wake 2? View Answer
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Why Didn't Ilkka Villi Voice the Character Alan Wake

The character of Alan Wake from the popular video game franchise of the same name carries a certain duality, specifically in the delineation between his visual and auditory portrayals. This division is facilitated by two artists - while the character...
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Alan Wake 2 Official Soundtrack Hints At First DLC

Ever since the release of Alan Wake 2 about two months ago, the pulse-pounding tunes from the Old Gods of Asgard and the eye-catching dance-off at the Game Awards have kept many of us captivated. However, an audibly distinct beat...
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Music Video Herald of Darkness by Old Gods of Asgard Shines From Alan Wake 2

In an exhilarating blend of music and narrative storytelling, Old Gods of Asgard's latest music video, Herald of Darkness, has captured the attention of fans worldwide. Released as an official piece for the highly praised game Alan Wake 2, the...