Accounting+ Trophy Guide

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Welcome to the Accounting+ Trophy guide for Playstation 4. This game has a super easy trophy list and you can get the platinum in about 30 mins if you follow this guide. To play this game you must have a VR headset and if you have them, it is best to play this using 2 PS Move controllers.

  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 1-2 Hours
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Online Trophies : 0/12
  • Offline Trophies : 12/12
  • Num Playthroughs : 2

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

I was able to beat this game in about 45 mins without a guide, so I would suggest you just play this game for the fun the first time around and enjoy it. You will be able to get the rest of the trophies on a second playthrough which should take you about 15 mins once you know how to get them all.

I have written an Accounting+ Walkthrough & Speedrun guide that will help you get through the game really quick if there is anything about the game that you are finding confusing. You will need to play the game twice to get the platinum. You can utilise game saves if you wish, but the game is so short it really doesn't make a big difference.

You are so good. You are so special.

Will unlock once you get all of the trophies in the game. 

Learn to see the world from different angles.

You get this trophy "for free" after completing the game's tutorial.

Hit a three-pointer using Clovis' basketball.

In the games main menu you will see the play station 1 and 2. If you turn around 180 degrees from the 1, you will see a basketball hoop. Teleport over to this and attempt to throw the ball into the basket. Eventually, after you miss a lot of times the trophy will unlock for you anyway.

Throw the brick at exactly the right moment.

This requires you to wait a long time. When you are required to do bad stuff to get into the gang you will pick up a brick and all of the other guys nearby will start to panic. Do nothing and keep waiting and waiting. After a while the brick will start talking to you. After it has done a lot of talking it will eventually tell you that you should throw the brick through the window. When it starts telling you over and over to throw it, throw the brick through the window and you will get the trophy when the window smashes.

Kill Flute Guy once and for all.

In the level where you are in the dungeon with the fat gray king you will see a grate on the floor to the left of him. If you drop items down into this you will hear a guy below making some noise and giving out. Take the knife from the table and drop it down there and it will kill him. You get the trophy right away and the knife will appear back on the table. 

Earn the friendship of the gatekeeper.

This is another one that takes a shit load of time. After you kill the king and you are inside his heart you will see the 2 skulls talking to you. Turn around and you will see a secret door. Go over and knock on this door and keep knocking and knocking until you have exhausted all dialogue options. It might seem like he is just saying the same thing over and over but he is not. You need to just keep knocking and knocking until you eventually get to the end and the trophy unlocks.

Do what has to be done to summon Our Dark Lord Satan.

In the same area as "GATE JOB", the gate keeper will tell you that you need a coin in order to get through after you have knocked several times. When he mentions the coin, go back to the little locker that is on the bone and there will be a coin inside. Take this coin and place it into the door. The door will be open and you will access the secret level. It isn't possible to fail this so simply complete the level to get this trophy.

Defeat The Final Boss.

You wont be able to miss this one. Keep shooting the pirate ship with the gun and you will eventually destroy it. Im not sure you can even die during this level.

Tune into our show!

During the car chase level where you need to destroy the cop cars, you will find a radio near the window on the van. You need to wait until after you have completed the boss fight the driver will say that he doesnt mind if you mess with the radio. Keep pressing the button to the left until the trophy unlocks. 

Keep up to date with Jeremy Eagle.

Jeremy Eagle is the bald eagle news anchor that shows up on the mini TV inside the bird house in the level with the woods. When you visit the first time you can see him show up on the TV. When you visit the woods for a second time, take another look inside of the bird house and keep watching the TV until the trophy unlocks. 

Find the end of the end of the end of the game.

When you beat the game and end up back at the the accounting office this will be the end of the game. Answer the phone and do not use the pistol in the desk. Keep waiting around until the guys on the phone have finished talking. They do take a very long time to finish talking, but when they finally hang up you can get this trophy. Go over to the whiteboard and keep spinning it around until a head appears on the whiteboard. The head will start talking to you and the trophy should unlock shortly after. 

Get very deep into the numbers.

This is the sort of alternate ending to the game. When you get to the woods for the first time, you will find a seed inside of the bird house. Take this seed and put it inside the flower pot that is over near the headset. Keep moving it around until the seed grows into a little plant. This is all you need to do for now. Later on in the game you will return to the woods and everything will be on fire. This plant will have grown a fruit that is a VR headset. Take this headset and put it on and it will teleport you to a new place. Follow the story from here and you will eventually make it back to the accounting office where you get forced to play the game again. The trophy should unlock once you get back to the office for a second time.