Hogwarts Legacy Questions & Answers


How do you knock down the gobstones that are in the high places around the castle in Hogwarts Legacy?

What is causing the whispering sound inside the old fool building at Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy. IS there something hidden?

Is there a way to change the way that your character looks after you start the game, I want to start again but not lose progress

There was a dragon lantern in the quad. After setting it alight, I'm unable to access the page

Is there anywhere within Hogwarts castle that I can use to sell unwanted pieces of gear and other unwanted items instead of having to go to Hogsmeade?

I can't find the final book flying around the library, anyone know where the missing one is?

How do you move the large boulder at the top of the hill for the merlin trial outside of Hogwarts castle?

I am unable to purchase the robes from Gladrags in Hogsmeade due to all my gear lots being full, how do i fix this?