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Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is the first title from studio Mundfish, who began development on Atomic Heart back in 2017. Atomic Heart challenges you to step into a mad, sublime and unforgiving world, a wacky action-RPG set in the unnervingly strange “utopia” of an alternate post-WWII world. Engaging in visceral, spectacular combat against AI on the brink of madness, unsightly mutants and bloodthirsty machines that roam the lands, searching for prey. Adapt…


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Atomic Heart Review

Score: 8.5/10
Atomic Heart is set in an alternate universe where the Soviet Union has become a technological superpower. The game introduces an interesting alternative history that shows how Soviet Russia could have used its power to achieve something great. It is...
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Atomic Heart delivered a rather unique take on a soviet Russian utopia turned dystopia. A vision of the 1950s with technology far out of reach for its time. Flying cities, advanced robotics, and implanted chips to augment human abilities. The...