Ultimate Sample Collection Guide

sample guide

Welcome, brave Hell Divers, to the ultimate guide on collecting samples for the war effort in Helldivers 2. This guide, inspired by the strategic insights of Star Marshal T, is designed to help you navigate through the treacherous environments of the galaxy to find common samples, rare samples, and the elusive super samples. Your contributions are crucial to our success, so pay close attention as we dive into the details.

Common Samples

Finding Common Samples

Common samples are the backbone of our research and development, allowing us to upgrade our ships and gear. Here’s where to find them:

  • Bug Planets: Look for yellow mushrooms near the bases of bug hives or at the base of spore spears. These mushrooms have a thin stem with a ball on top and are crucial for our efforts.
  • Automaton Bases: After liberating automaton bases, search for CPUs. These are typically found inside rust and dirt-covered boxes with six moving legs. They’re essential for understanding automaton technology.
  • Research Centers: Our old research centers still contain valuable data sheets. These are usually housed in bright cases. Recovering these documents supports our R&D team in providing valuable ship upgrades.

Tips for Common Samples

  • Always be on the lookout for the distinctive yellow color of mushrooms and data sheet cases.
  • Check inside any liberated base or facility for CPUs and other valuable components.

Rare Samples

Collecting Rare Samples

As you progress to more challenging missions (tier 4 to tier 6), you’ll encounter rare samples, which are vital for advanced research and development.

  • Crystallized Lithium: This purple mineral is crucial for fueling our ships. Look for it near or on the walls outside of objectives.
  • Yellow Flowers: These flowers are not only rare but also emit a distinctive sound. Pay attention to your surroundings to locate them based on their audio cues.

Tips for Rare Samples

  • Use the sounds emitted by yellow flowers to guide you to their location.
  • Crystallized lithium often blends into the environment, so keep a sharp eye on the walls and surrounding areas of your objectives.

Super Samples

Finding Super Samples

For the most elite Hell Divers, tier 7 to tier 9 missions offer the opportunity to collect super samples, like super uranium used in our nukes.

  • Super Uranium: Look for this under distinctive bulbous rocks. These rocks are marked as points of interest on your map, and one rock in the area will contain all the super uranium you need.

Tips for Super Samples

  • Super uranium rocks are always marked on your map, but you’ll need to be vigilant as these areas are often heavily guarded.
  • Collecting super uranium is a high honor and comes with increased risk. Prepare accordingly.

Additional Tips

  • Points of Interest: All samples up to this point will be found at or near points of interest. Use your map and the ship’s advanced scanning beacons to identify if an area has been cleared of resources.
  • Unscannable Areas: Be aware that the ship cannot scan inside two-person bunker doors and sealed shipping containers. Always check these manually for samples.

Star Marshal T is leading the charge by livestreaming the spread of managed democracy on tier N Hell Dive missions via the state-sponsored channel, Tiberius the Roman, on Twitch. Join the effort, collect those samples, and let’s spread democracy across the galaxy, Hell Divers. Godspeed!

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