How To Use PS4 Boost Mode

    PS4 Boost Mode

    Boost mode is a feature that was introduced for the PS4 Pro exclusively. The feature will attempt to use the enhanced processing power that the PS4 Pro has to improve the quality of all PS4 games, even if they were not given an official PS4 Pro patch. Here is everything you need to know on how to use the PS4 boost mode.

    You firstly need to own a PS4 Pro. If you have a regular or slim PS4, the feature does not exist. The feature must be enabled from the settings menu. The reason for this is there may be some unforeseen issues with the performance of a game when the boost mode is enabled. While the issues are incredibly rare, it is worth knowing why it is optional.

    You can find the boost mode option under the System settings. The image below will show you the location.

    The boost mode will attempt to increase frame rate, draw distance and any other visual aspects of games that were limited by the hardware of the original PS4. The significance may not always be visual, in some cases, you might find that load speeds are twice as fast and other performance upgrades in this area. Overall it is a highly valuable feature to have and is well worth enabling if you have purchased the PS4 Pro.

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