How To Get NAT Type 1 On PS5

    NAT Type 1 On PS5

    Online gaming generally works well for most of the time. Sometimes you just get days where your network wants to get in the way of all your fun. The problem boils down to firewalls. This can block you from joining friends, cause lag and impact the overall experience.

    The PlayStation will measure how restricted it is when communicating with the outside world with a value known as a NAT type. The scale on PS5 goes from 1-3 with 1 being the most open and unrestrictive and 3 being closed and will most definitely cause difficulty for those wanting to play online with others.

    Note: There is currently an issue with the PS5 system that will prevent you from being able to get NAT type 1. Click here to read more.

    In order to get NAT type 1 on the PS5, you will need to modify some settings on your console and also on your home router. This guide will explain how to perform the actions on the PS5 and I will give as good of an explanation for the router side of things after. Since there are so many brands of router, all with their own UI, its impossible to write a one size fits all guide for this.

    Configure PS5 To Use Static IP

    In order to get rid of NAT type 3 or to change from NAT type 2 to NAT type 1, you will need to have a static IP. The default, automatic configuration will mean your IP will change every time you connect. You will not be able to set up the network properly if the IP keeps changing, so you will need to use a static IP with the PS5.

    Check Current Network Details

    The first thing you need to do is check your current network details. This is needed so you know what information you have to manually enter. Since this can be different for each brand of router, you need to check this out. Navigate to the following

    Settings->Network->View Connection Status

    view connection status page
    Take note of the IPv4 address, subnet mask, default gateway and both DNS servers if these are set. They may be set to automatic, no need to worry if they are.

    Modify Your Current Network Connection

    Head into the settings menu of the PS5. Navigate to the following path in order to be able to edit the current internet connection that you are using.

    Settings->Network->Setup Internet Connection->{Select connected network}->Advanced Settings

    ps5 set static IP
    When you click on the current active connection, which is under the Registered Networks section, you will see a sub menu. Select Advances Settings in this menu.

    Click on the current connection. For me, this is the Wired LAN connection. You may be connected to a wifi connection. The process is the exact same, it does not matter whether you are connected via wifi or a wired connection.

    change IP address to manual
    Select IP address settings and change it to manual. A couple of new fields will appear. Fill these in with the values you took down from the initial advanced settings page. The IPv4 address should be changed to something higher.

    You should have recorded several values when you viewed the connection status at the start of this guide. You will want to enter all of the same information you saw on this page with the exception of the IPv4 value. For this I recommend you change it to something much higher. In my case, I picked The reason for this is that it is highly unlikely the DHCP in your router will grant this IP to another device, always leaving it free for the PS5 to use.

    This probably sounds complicated, but the bottom line is to change the IP to a much higher value. If your router allows you to exclude IPs from DHCP, this is the best solution but it can be complicated to do this if you are not familiar with your home broadband router.

    Run A Connection Test

    Once you have set all of the manual fields, head back to the base network menu and run a connection test. As you can see from the image below, It has gone from a failed NAT to Type 2. Now I need to open the ports on the router.

    ps5 nat type 1 guide
    Running a connection test will show you the current status of your connection to PSN, including NAT type

    There appears to be a problem with the PS5 gaining NAT type 1 at times. For some, it works right away, for others it does not. Some tests have completely disabled the router’s firewall (something you should not do) and the PS5 still reports Type 2. If this happens to you, ignore it. So long as the ports are open, you are good to go!

    PS5 Port Forwarding For PSN

    Now onto the part that can be very easy or incredibly difficult, depending on how much you know about routers. I can’t provide a whole lot of specific information here as every router has a different process and UI. The general idea is the same on them all however.

    The default gateway address you got from the connection status page is likely the home page of your router. Enter this into a web browser and it will allow you to login. You will need to know the login for this. Most of the time the login details are printed on a sticker underneath the router.

    Google search “{router name/model} port forwarding”. This should give you the exact guide you need for your model of router. You need to open the following ports in order to get NAT type 1 wth the PS5.

    TCP: 1935,3478-3480
    UDP: 3074,3478-3479

    ps5 port forwarding
    Port forwarding and port mapping are the same thing. This is the UI from my router. You can see that for IP, which is the static IP is set for the PS5, there are multiple ports open that allow the PS5 to communicate without restriction with the internet.

    If you have any trouble with this part, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you get this part sorted out for the brand of router that you use.


    1. Why you have 5 entries for port forwarding ? Is this opens the NAT type 1 ? This is the issue? I was putting 4 and it is still on type 2

      • Because my router does not allow me to open multiple ports in a single entry. Some routers may be different. According to the PSN documentation, all of these ports are used for network communication and should be opened to achieve an open NAT type on PSN

    2. Ive done exactly what you say in this article and still have nat type 2. Checked it a few times. Anything else that can cause this?

    3. Hello. I’ve done everything above and still on NAT Type 3.

      Just got a new ISP (Alterna) and Router (sercom)

      Please help!

    4. I followed the first steps on the ps5 and I was still told I was NAT3, I use a tp-link router and when trying to fill out the info using both your walkthrough and the user guide I still find myself completely lost on what to do, I get to where I should be able to open the ports but I can’t find where to enter the range?

    5. What do I put in my router for port forwarding it only says external and internal and than allows you to select tcp or ups or both that’s all it allows

    6. Excellent guide. Thank you. My router allows me to input both TCP and UDP as one. I am confused what I need to put into the external and internal ports fields. There are 2 fields for both these options. Please help. Honestly been at this for days. I have a BT Smart Hub . thank you

    7. I have a BT Smart Hub 2. Sorry for missing that out in the original post.

    8. Hey friend, I’m having trouble connecting with a friend in a specific game (Hitman 2). No issues with other games.

      When we try to connect, the error message says “Multi-player error, check your NAT Type.” when I check network settings, it says “NAT Type – Failed”

      I have followed every guide possible. I’ve set static IPs, I’ve tried a different router, I’ve forwarded ports, I’ve set my PS5 as a DMZ, nothing changes. Still getting NAT Type – Failed.

    9. Why you say

      TCP: 1935,3478-3480
      UDP: 3074,3478-3479

      and then open the 3074 TCP too?

    10. Can you assist with the port forwarding of a BT router? Since getting modern warfare two my Nat type has now failed.

      Thank you

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