Fix Slow Upload Speed On PS5

    Fix Slow Upload Speed On PS5

    When I last ran a speed test on the PlayStation 5, I get a pretty good download speed but my upload speed was awful. Even though it is expected for download speeds to be faster than upload, getting 800mb down and 10mb up on a gigabit connection is pretty damn bad.

    The immediate conclusion is that your router will need a restart. Before going through the hassle of this, I decided to run a speed test using my phone. My phone is using WiFi of course and the PS5 is using a wired connection. To my surprise, my phone was getting over 200mb up. The broadband speed doesn’t appear to be the cause!

    Since this issue frustrated me, I decided to do some research into the cause of it and some potential fixes. If you are finding upload speeds slow on the PS5 and this is impacting your ability to stream, try some of the steps below. They may help you fix the issue.

    Fix Slow Upload Speeds On PS5

    All of the steps below may work toward resolving your slow upload speeds. If this guide worked for you, please comment below with the step that fixed it and if you did anything else that others may also want to try. The following guide may be of use if you are also having trouble with slow download speeds on the PS5.

    It might be Sony

    Using the hidden browser on the PS5, people have run speed tests on third-party sites and have found that the upload speeds are fine. This suggests that it is actually the server that Sony uses to run the speed test that is the problem.

    If this is the case, you should be able to broadcast to Twitch without any trouble. It may still be a sign that the overall PlayStation network is having some technical difficulties. Check the PSN status page and there will be some troubleshooting tips you can follow here also.

    Make sure nothing is hogging your upload bandwidth

    If you are living in a house with a lot of heavy internet use, make sure there isn’t a device that is running a bit torrent client or something that could consume a lot of your upload bandwidth.

    The fastest way to verify this is to turn off wifi and connect your PS5 to the router using a LAN cable. Run a speed test and see if the issue has gone away.

    Restart Networking Equipment and then PS5

    Yes, I know, the tried and trusted lazy solution but this works far more often than you think!

    Start by turning off your router. Depending on the ISP, you may also have an additional box that connects the router to the optical network id you are using fiber. Turn it all off and turn everything back on, one at a time. Wait for the first thing to fully power back on.

    Don’t turn the PS5 back on until the router is back up and running and a connection. Once you reconnect, see if the problem has been resolved.

    Switch Between Wifi or LAN

    If you are using WiFi, try using a LAN cable. This will rule out any wireless interference. If this works, you will need to change the wireless channel on your router to try and avoid the disrupted frequency. This process is different for every router so you may need to check the manual if you are unsure how to do this.

    If you are using LAN, switch to Wifi. Perhaps there is a fault with the cable or the Ethernet port on either side that is messing with the connection. If this works, you could try a different cable in a different port on the router/switch. You only have one option on the PS5 unfortunately.

    ps5 network connections

    Change DNS Host

    Sometimes the DNS provider that your ISP is using can be having some issues. This can be a major point of unreliability for many residential broadband providers. It is very easy to switch to another DNS provider. I’d you do not know how to do this, check out this guide to change your DNS on PS5.

    You can use one of the following DNS server configs for the free public DNS providers below. You can try a couple of them until you find your upload speeds have improved enough to be useful to you. Google and Cloudflare are both massive giants on the web so you should be safe with either of these.

    ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
    OpenDNS Home208.67.222.222208.67.220.220
    Alternate DNS76.76.19.1976.223.122.150
    AdGuard DNS94.140.14.1494.140.15.15


    Call Your ISP

    This one definitely sucks as we all know how these conversations usually go. On hold for a while before they tell you its your laptop and give you the runaround for ages without even looking into the problem.

    With that being said, I had similar problems in the past and with some persistence, the ISP remotely logged into the router and was able to find a problem. They resolved it on their side and did fix some of the problems with the upload speeds. The speed test never did show a correct speed after this, but streaming and any other actions that involved uploading were no longer an issue. So it seems the upload speed test tool is flawed on the PS5 but there may be other factors at play.


    1. Man, you narrated literally everything that also happened with me. The awkward upload speed on the native test, the normal downs and ups with the smartphone and all…
      Tried the speed test on the hidden web browser and guess what? Speeds are pretty normal.
      I think the problem is really with Sony servers

      • i am getting 800-1000 down and less than 10 up. it is unplayable. I spoke to the ISP, they had someone come out and bury new cables. everything else works fine except my PS5 I even bought a new PS5 and tested that, same issue.

        any other thoughts?

    2. the upload on the ps5 so low it was fine last week please fix it

      • Sure thing, let me just log into the PSN servers and fix it for you…

      • Mine is doing the same was fine until 3 days ago

    3. I’m having the same issue just got gigabit internet and the download is fine but upload is terrible no idea how to fix it this is so annoying

    4. Super weird! I’m having the same issue! Maybe there is a problem from Sony Play Station end that many users are having the same issue roughly at the same time!

    5. I am having these same issues. Upload speeds in the single digits. Had a tech change my modem and test my equipment including outside wiring. Called PS tech support and i am still waiting for a call back. It’s Really annoying.

    6. I am having bad upload speeds good upload Playstation said they will fix it but when?that’s on ps5 have spectrum check every part of the internet

    7. had the same problem, we needed to change our router device and I switched the DNS server to google. Now it´s working smooth. Thanks alot for the listed solutions!

    8. Hey just do the dns think with google it works, and is the only way,

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