Stuck At Laser Fence - Escape The Pit Bounty Krubis

During the Bounty: Krubis mission in High on Life, you will have an objective to escape the pit. This happens after you complete the boss battle against Krubis. You will reach a red laser fence that you can’t get across. There is a computer nearby but it doesn’t seem to do anything to let you get past.

Our good friend on the little flying thing will show up and say that he wants to kill you and asks you to kill yourself and nothing happens after this. It may be a case that this quest glitches out. For me, I found that he remained behind the laser fence which throws this off quite a bit.

stuck at laser fence

In order to get past this part of the quest, you are going to need to kill the little flying guy. This wasn’t immediately easy to do as he seems to gain some kind of invincibility when he is behind the laser fence. If you are unable to kill him, here are some things that you can try to make it happen.

  1. Shoot a blade against the wall so it bounces and hits him. The blade does not seem to be impacted by the laser wall.
  2. Get close to the lasers and when he clips through them slightly, shoot and it should hit him. Using your new weapon will make this easier as it does more damage at close range.
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