Reception Area Escape Room

Once you escape the first room, you will be in a messy reception area where everything is a mess. You will need to figure out what is going on here and make it out of the room. There is no timer for this room, so you can take all the time you need.

  1. There is a TV on the wall with static. Sitting on the table is a TV remote with some buttons you can click. To the left of the room, you will see arrows on a series of shirts. Press the buttons on the TV remote to match these shirts from left to right.
  2. The TV will update with some letters that do not read anything. If you go into the back room behind the reception desk, you will see the key for the letters on the wall. The code translates to JEB, ALLIE, EEL.
  3. Head back outside and there is a notice board on the wall. Take all of the cards from the wall.
  4. Go back into the back room behind the reception and you will see a machine on the wall that accepts three items. The clues from the scrambled text is the solution. Use the business cards from the notice board in the following order.
    1. 1 – JEB
    2. 2 – Allie B’s
    3. 3 – E.E.L
  5. This will reveal the key to the bathroom that is hidden underneath the fish hanging on the wall.
  6. Inside the bathroom, open the third stall and head down into the room below to begin the main adventure!

escape academy reception

What To Do With TV Remote In Reception?

The TV remote has arrow buttons that you can click but the TV does not respond to them, unless you use the correct combination. Check the Shirts on the wall to the left and you will see the correct pattern of arrows to use to complete this part of the puzzle.

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