Escaping The Headmasters Office

The headmasters office is the first “life-threatening” escape room. As gas fills the room, you must figure out the first name, middle name and last name of the headmaster in order to escape the room. The information can be a little tricky to find but here is what you need to know to solve the puzzle.

    1. Next to the door is a coat rack. Take a key sticking out of the bag.
    2. Use the key to open a padlock on the desk.
    3. Take the screwdriver and open the screws on the vent next to the coat rack.
    4. Crawl through the vent to find a phone number on the wall.  952-4242
    5. Head back to the office and using the phone on the desk, enter the phone number on the phone. Someone will answer and mention the headmasters last name.
  • Last Name = Solange
    1. Over near the book shelves, you will see a black case with a 3 character lock. The pictures on the box are the clue. Count the number of clocks, plants and trophies in the room. Should be 253.
    2. Inside the case, there are three pictures. Greece, Japan and Egypt.
    3. Head to the other side of the room and you will find a square floppy disk on the desk. Pick this up.
    4. Head over to the book shelf that contains books with country names and press the boox on the shelf that match the three countries on the post cards. Greece, Japan, Egypt.
    5. Go into the room that has opened up and there will be an old computer on the right. Put the floppy disk into this computer and the words DEAD will appear on the screen.
    6. Head over to the Piano and press the keys in the order of the letters DEAD.
    7. Use the UV light bulb on the smashed display cabinet. You will see one of the bulbs is missing from the set of 4 spotlights above. This will reveal the middle name.
    8. The final clue is the fox mask above the fireplace. If you check the picture of “The Pariahs”, you will see the fox mask is being worn by “Sandy”. This is the headmasters first name.
  • First Name = Sandra

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