Jazzpunk Review

jazzpunk review

I would like to start this review by introducing what this game is, but I really don’t know. I just want to spend this entire review talking about how hilarious it is, but I can’t go spoiling all the fun. At its core, Jazzpunk is a mystery game where you are a secret agent who goes on various missions to do secret agent stuff, but even that is too specific to describe what you get with this game. Jazzpunk is just completely random that you really have no idea what is going to come next. You will spend most of your time laughing at how weird and crazy this game is. Jazzpunk is by far the funniest game I have ever played.

Something being funny to me may not be funny to others, Jazzpunk is a very specific type of funny that may not appeal to everyone. There is no logic to the humor and in almost all cases, the game does not even acknowledge that something makes absolutely no sense. Why is there a pig with wheels driving around the car park? Why is the floor made of spaghetti and pizza? because! I couldn’t get enough of the humor and I found it so impressive that the people who created it could be this random. No 2 mission objectives were the same because they didn’t have any limits. The story makes no sense…hell nothing in this game makes any sense and this is what made it so funny.

The game itself wasn’t anything revolutionary. It sort of felt like a first person walking game where you traveled between Wario ware mini games. There are puzzles that you need to complete based on your mission objectives that are all fairly simple. I don’t think the intention was for any of these puzzles to be overly complicated or challenging. It felt more like they were designed as a medium to throw more random humor at you. The important part to stress about all of the objectives is that they were a lot of fun to complete. It doesn’t matter if they are simple or make no sense. They were fun to complete and that is the important thing.

The art style is very colorful and bright. Most of the environments are standard enough, but the characters in the game are quite unique in how they look. They don’t look moderately realistic and it makes for a unique look and feel. Every now and then you will obtain an item that looks completely out of place compared to the rest of the art style. In any other game I would complain, but it is exactly what this game is about. Mismatching things that don’t fit together but they do it anyway because they can.

The story is difficult to explain and it isn’t really why you should play this game anyway. Essentially you are a spy and you need to go to various countries to complete missions. Who you work for, why you do it etc. Those are irrelevant facts that the game doesn’t go into detail on. You work for an agency that is so secret that not even you can know about it! The fact that you visit different countries allows you to experience different environments that break things up and allows the game to throw some themed randomness at you. You might think that anyone could just throw random ideas together and call it a day, but Jazzpunk does it so well. You can clearly tell that people put time and thought into the jokes and ideas that end up being elements of the main story. I do say it is random, but it is intentional and well thought out randomness that helps deliver such a perfectly funny experience.


Jazzpunk is definitely not going to be everyone's cup of tea. I love stupid, dry humor, others will not. Regardless, it is clear that the people who came up with all of this were very talented and did a fantastic job at exciting it. I couldn't list a single flaw about this game. It is nowhere near being an AAA game, but it isn't trying to be one. Jazzpunk is just a crazy game that makes no sense and makes you laugh for the duration. So long as you see the game for what it is, you are sure to love this game. There are easter eggs in every corner, be sure to explore!
  • The humor in this game is pure genius and completely stupid at the same time.
  • It is a little short