Displate Posters Review

Displate Posters
displate poster review

Displate’s video game prints, produced on metal plates, are certainly a unique form of wall art that speaks to a specific audience. This review will focus on three styles I had the opportunity to explore: Matt Finish, Gloss Finish, and the Framed variant.

Matt Finish

The Matt Finish serves as the entry-level choice for Displate’s metal prints. In terms of value, it’s difficult to question its place, especially when considering its resistance to glare, a highly appealing trait for brightly lit spaces. This non-reflective feature ensures that the print maintains a consistent visual representation, regardless of the light sources in the room.

The detail captured on the Matt Finish is quite remarkable, each color and line present in all their subtlety. That being said, while it maintains a high standard of detail, it doesn’t accentuate the fine points in the way that the Gloss Finish can. In essence, if you’re looking for an economical choice that won’t be affected by the lighting conditions, and you’re content with a more muted presentation of the artwork, the Matt Finish could be your ideal choice.

Gloss Finish

At a noticeably higher cost, the Gloss Finish option offers an enhanced visual experience. It injects the prints with an impressive level of vibrancy, making the artwork leap off the wall. The finish adds a depth of color and a certain sparkle that makes it stand out. However, this enhanced appeal comes with a potential drawback.

This reflective finish, while beautiful, can, unfortunately, turn into a significant glare under intense lighting. In such instances, the glare might make it difficult to appreciate the full detail of the print, casting a bright white glow that can overshadow the underlying artwork. As such, when opting for the Gloss Finish, the positioning of the plate in relation to light sources is a factor that needs careful consideration.

Is gloss displate worth it
As you can see from the image, there is a reflection of the light that is above the displate. This effect does not happen with the matt finish

Framed Style

The Framed Style presents itself as an interesting variant. With the promise of a traditional aesthetic, this style may initially attract those looking for a more conventional representation. However, it’s essential to understand the specifics of what this frame entails.

are displate frames worth it
The frames do look nice but considering how much they cost and how they make the artwork a lot smaller, the value is questionable

Rather than a physical protrusion, the frame is a printed feature on the metal plate. Although there is some embossed texture to simulate the feel of a traditional frame, it remains flush with the rest of the image. The most significant consideration here is the impact on the artwork size. Instead of enlarging the plate to accommodate the frame, Displate reduces the size of the actual artwork, leading to a noticeable decrease in the size of the print you intended to display.

Considering the increased cost for this style, the Framed variant doesn’t provide a proportional value in return. While it may seem attractive on the surface, it delivers a smaller artwork at a higher price, making it a less favourable option.


Displate's video game prints offer an innovative way to display your love for gaming through metal artwork. The quality of the prints is commendable, with two finishes available to cater to different preferences. However, the gloss finish could be problematic in brightly lit environments due to its reflectivity. The framed style, while adding a touch of traditionalism, reduces the artwork size and is unnecessarily costly. Careful consideration of the environment and your personal aesthetic preferences can help make the most out of your Displate purchase.
  • High-quality prints with clear detail
  • Variety of finishes (matt and gloss) to suit different lighting conditions and tastes
  • Unique form of wall art that stands out from traditional posters
  • The gloss finish, while visually impressive, can produce a glare in strong lighting
  • Additional cost for gloss finish may not be justified for all customers
  • The framed style diminishes the size of the artwork and adds unnecessary cost