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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Questions & Answers


How do you get inside Da Hanmar shrine? I found the shrine at dueling peaks and I can't find a way to get inside.

How do you increase the number of available weapon slots in Breath of the Wild?

When you obtain 20 shock arrows you must then use them to disable the giant elephant thing that is shooting the water in the Zora Domain aka Vah Ruta. During the fight he will shoot a bunch of ice blocks at you which can do quite a bit of damage and be difficult to evade. […]

I have been killing lots of enemies and slashing grass, picking up rocks etc. All of the things that normally drop hearts are no longer working for me. How do you get hearts to restore health in Breath of the Wild?

How long does it take for the Miphas Grace power to recharge after you have used it once. The recharge doesn't give a number

Hestu has gone missing from the location I found him first. I have more seeds I need to give him. Where can I find him again?

Early on in the game you will figure out how to cook foot at a cooking pot, but there are some quests and even food that you find later on that will involve roasted food. For example, a roasted apple is likely to come up at some stage. How do you roast food in Breath […]

It seems that attack damage is based on the weapon that is equipped, but as you progress in the game, enemies get stronger and you are left with the same weapons that are no longer doing as much damage as they once did. Is there a way to increase Links attack damage?

I have been finding bits and pieces of armor sets but I don’t have a complete one yet. The cost is quite high to finish armor sets. I dunno which one to choose. Which is the best armor set in Breath of the wild?

How do you make it through the desert heat without losing health?