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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Questions & Answers


At the top of Mount Lanayru there are 2 stacks of cubes and one of them is metallic and can be grabbed using the magnet rune. What is the purpose of this?

I have been seeing a lot of these guys running around the place. Nothing I throw at them seems to work. I have used loads of explosive arrows and they usually end up killing me before I can make any sort of impact on their health. How do you kill the guardians? I there a […]

I have the flamebreaker armor piece but when I go to the mine, i still take damage from the heat. How do i get past this?

I need to get the painkillers at the abandoned mine, but it's too hot. How do you get past this?

Since the entire map is hidden until you unlock all of the towers, is there a reward that you get for finding all of the towers and revealing all of the map?

How long does it take for Revalis Gale To Recharge after you have used it all three times? Can you speed it up?

What is the exact amount of time that it takes for Urbosas Fury to rechage. The icon in the menu doesnt make it easy to see.

Once you get the hylian shield, can it be destroyed? I am constantly having to find new shields because they are breaking. Would be great if it didnt break

I have found the spring of power and it has asked me to return dinraals scale. Where can I find this in breath of the wild?

I am at a large tree down the road from the woodland stable and there is a man here called Russ who tells me about shield surfing and is offering to sell them. On top of the tree behind him is a korok seed platform that requires me to get to the bottom of the […]