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Should I trust the Netrunner and betray the Voodoos?

Should i betray the voodoos and trust what the netrunner is telling me about them wanting to kill me as soon as i give them what they want?

Song with lyrics "everything burns"?

What is the name of the metal song playing in the afterlife bar with everything burns in the chorus?

Whats the button for the emergency break?

how do you perform a handbreak turn in Cyberpunk. What is the button to activate the emergency break in a car?

How do you choose an offering for the Ofrenda?

What are you meant to do to select the offering for Jackies Oferenda?
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Cyberpunk 2077

The long awaited futuristic shooter from the developers of the Witcher series. Cyberpunk brings you far into the future why even the most basic thugs have cyber enhancements that give them the edge in combat. Take on the cyber enhanced...

How do you free brick in "The Pickup"

How to I free bricked from the locked room for the quest called the pickup in Cyberpunk 2077?
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Xbox Hard Drive Troubleshooting Guide Series X/S

One of the really cool features you can make use of with the Xbox Series X is the ability to store and run games from an external hard drive. This allows you to very cheaply expand the storage you have...

Where is Dhustone Quarry?

Where is Dhustone Quarry? It is south of Hill gate remnants but I also do not know where this location is either.

Escort Hunwald To His Home - Must Be Anonymous?

When I am given the objective to escort Hunwald to his home it keeps telling me that i need to be anonymous when I try to go into his house. What am i doing wrong?

Using same external hard drive for games on PS5 & Xbox?

Is it possible to use the same external hard drive for games on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X? If i partition it can i use the same drive on both consoles for playing games?