The Last Of Us - All Shiv Door Locations

Shiv doors are locked doors in The Last of Us that you must use (and destroy) a shiv in order to unlock to get the items hidden inside. There are 13 of these doors hidden around the game map. Finding them can be a matter of survival in some areas when you are running low on supplies.

Shiv doors are a really valuable asset to keep track of in Last of Us. On the harder difficulties, spending a rare and valuable shiv to unlock one of these doors may not always be worth it, especially if you have maxed out some of the items that are locked inside.

The video guide below will show you where to find all of the Shiv doors in The Last of Us and will let you see all of the nice goodies that are locked away inside. This will help you decide whether it is worth wasting a shiv in order to get inside.

As an added bonus, once you have unlocked the final door, you will earn a bronze trophy called “Unlock all Shiv Doors”. Handy for those looking to go for the platinum trophy.

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