Spyro The Dragon Walkthrough

Spyro The Dragon Walkthrough

There are various collectibles in Spyro The Dragon. Most of them are fairly easy to find, but some can be tricky. This collectible guide will show you where to find every single collectible in Spyro The Dragon, granting 120% completion (yea the math is a bit off!).

To get 100% or 120% completion in Spyro the Dragon, you will need to obtain the following items across all worlds combined. You can view your progress at any time from the pause menu and selecting the inventory option. This will also show you what your completion percent is. It will also give you a breakdown of your current level to show you which areas still have gems and dragons to collect.

  • 12 Dragon Eggs
  • 14’000 Gems
  • 80 Dragon Statues

Dragon Eggs are collected by killing the little men in blue cloaks. They run pretty fast, you will need to be familiar with precise movement while sprinting. (Sprint by pressing square). Once you kill the man, the egg will drop, adding it to your total. If you are looking for dragon eggs only, then this collectible guide will show you where to find all of the dragon eggs in Spyro the Dragon.

Gems are going to be the most familiar to anyone playing the game. You will find these scattered all over every world. You will need to collect every single one of these in the game. This adds up to a total of 14000 gems. You can see your progress from the pause menu.

Dragon Statues are fairly easy to find and you will gather most of these as you get through the story. They are large emerald colored statues of dragons. Once you free the dragon it will add to your total.

Spyro The Dragon Collectible Guide Video

The video guide below will show you where to find every single collectible in the game to get 100% completion.

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