How to Change The Appearance Of Any Gear

One of the cooler elements of Hogwarts Legacy is your ability to equip a massive range of different gear and items. These items all have different attributes to increase your offensive and defensive abilities. As you progress through the game, you will find more powerful items, with higher-level caps, allowing you to become more powerful the further you progress into the main story.

One of the biggest issues players are going to have is when you have a hat or robe that you love the look of but it is no longer powerful enough and as a result, you have no choice but to replace it with a more powerful item that may not look as good. I have seen a lot of the gear, some of it looks like something a granny would wear. It may be what you want but definitely not for everyone.

The good news for you is that Hogwarts Legacy allows for players to change the appearance of the item you have equipped without needing to lose the stats it contains. This feature is common amongst RPGs and is referred to as a Transmog or (Transmogrification). This sounds like a class you may attend in Hogwarts but it a common term in RPGs to describe the process of changing the appearance of an item while keeping the stats and benefits that this piece of gear somes with.

How To Use The Transmog Feature In Hogwarts Legacy

The transmog feature is super easy to use in Hogwarts Legacy and will allow you to quickly and easily change the appearance of any gear you currently have equipped without losing the benefits that come with this piece of gear. The video above will show you how to do this but if you want more detail, check out the steps below.

Pause the game and enter the gear menu. You will see a full view of all the different gear you currently have equipped. If you hover over any of these items (do not click), you will see a dialog appear that will tell you that it is possible to change the appearance of the gear. The button will differ depending on the platform but it is square on PlayStation and X on the Xbox.

how to change gear appearance

Once you are in the modification menu, you will see a list of the different pieces of gear that you have unlocked, via challenge rewards, preorder bonuses or other. You will also see pieces of gear that you have already collected from your adventure so far. This means if you picked up a really cool hat when you were level 4, you can modify your current hat to look just like this hat. This is a great way to give you some control over the way you look in Hogwarts Legacy.

change the way gear looks
Select any of the options you have unlocked to change the way an item looks in Hogwarts Legacy
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