Best Strategy To Get A Sturdy Helixhorn

sturdy helixhorn

A Sturdy Helixhorn is a crafting item that you can only obtain from a Duplicorn in Final Fantasy XV. The Helixhorn is used to upgrade the engine blade to become the Ultima Blade, which is likely why you are reading this guide. The problem with this item is that it is hard as hell to obtain and it seems that no matter what methods you follow, the horn never drops. Well there is no glitch or super easy cheat for this, but once you understand the best strategy to make the horn drop and also know the best practice for the hunt, you can save a hell of a lot of time with trying to obtain this item. Here is everything I know about the best way to obtain a Sturdy Helixhorn in Final Fantasy XV.

Where to find a Duplicorn

There is only one way to find a Duplicorn in Final Fantasy XV and this is to take on a hunt called “The Last Spiracorn”. This hunt can be repeated many times which makes it kind of convienient in a way since you don’t need to wait for them to respawn or anything. You can find this hunt in the diner at “Lower Wennath”. You can take the hunt anytime, but you must be at least level 29 to take it. I’d suggest waiting until you are a little stronger as there are 5 enemies at once which often make things tough. The image below shows the location on the map that you can find the Duplicorn.
Note: Dispite the name, the Spiracorn creature does not actually drop the item that you need here, they only drop from the Duplicorn. This may have been a bug or something, but I am not aware of this item ever dropping from a creature other than the Duplicorn.

The last spiracorn

How To Make a Sturdy Helixhorn Drop

If you attack the Duplicorn normally and take it out, there is almost a 0% chance that the horn will actually drop. You need to target the horn on the Duplicorns head, if you aim all your attacks at this horn, the horn may eventually snap off. You don’t actually need to kill the Duplicorn to get the horn from its head. There are a couple of methods you can use to make it work, but the only way to make a sturdy Helixhorn drop is to target all of your attacks at the horn of the duplicorn and if you are lucky you will make the horn snap off.

Warning: Before you get pissed off, the horn doesnt always drop, even when you snap the horn off. If you actually manage to break the horn off and it falls onto the ground, it may not actually be something you can pickup. The droprate is not 100% for this item, even if you execute everything perfectly.

Best Strategy

  1. Pickup “The Last Spiracorn” hunt from the Lower Wennath diner.
  2. Head up to the hunting ground and try to kill the 3 Spiracorns and leave the 2 Duplicorns alive.
  3. Run away from the battle and head up to the Dainse Haven Campground and setup camp.
  4. Eat some food that increases drop rate, “Mother and Child Ricebowl” can help with this.
  5. Once you have finished resting, go back to the hunt area and save the game near the outside.
  6. Go back into battle and focus on hitting the horns.
  7. If you fail or die you can try again.

Combat Tips

  • Stronger swords are better here. It doesn’t matter if the weapon is slow, you want to do more damage per hit as opposed to more damage per second. It is actually easier with a slow weapon anyway as it lets you take your time and make the best possible attacks. Use the weapon that does the most damage per single hit.
  • Use warp strike as lot. You are able to target the horn, so lock on and use warp strike to get up there. Once in the air go to town on it in order to get as many strong attacks as possible on the horn. If it snaps off, run over and hope it can be picked up.
  • Wait mode – Some people find things get too hectic in this battle. There is a feature called wait mode that allows you to freeze combat to plan out your attacks. This can be useful for you to make sure your attacks are hitting the horn and you don’t risk killing the creature from misplaced attacks.
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