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bong name generator

Bong names are sacred to many. Some buy one or two and cherish it and others have a collection that Snoop Dog would be proud of. Bongs are like boats, nobody knows why they need to have names but it is an unwritten law that they must be named. If you are stuck for ideas or are just too damn stoned to think straight, this bong name generator will give you a huge range of different bong names that you can use for your beloved bong.

There are 100s of possible random bong names that this tool will generate. If you have some funny bong names that are not listed here, please let us know in the comments. Everybody loves some ganja infused, killer bong names.

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Funny Bong Names

Funny bong names are a must-have for many people. A bong is used as a source of joy, why not give it a funny name? Pretty much all of the suggestions from the bong name generator above are going to be funny names. There are some regular ideas in there but the whole point of this tool is to make you laugh.

funny bong names

There are plenty of classics in here like Billy Bong Thornton and Wesley Pipes, which any fan of the Dave Chappelle movie, Half Baked will remember. It is a go-to name for many who want a solid, reliable name for their new chimney of fun.

Cool Bong Names

I always struggle when it comes to creating anything that is labelled as “cool”. One mans cool is another man’s cringe. With that being said, cool bong names are generally names that are going to make you laugh.

All of the name suggestions in this tool are aimed to be funny names or puns on well-known people, places or things. The idea is that everyone should get the joke when they hear you say it out loud. That is pretty cool in my eyes anyway. Hopefully, the name generator above will give you some cool bong names. If not, feel free to drop some of the best names you have in the comments below.

Killer Bong Names

After dropping some cash on a shiny new bong, you are going to want to make sure you can think of some killer bong names. Maybe use it first and it will give you the inspiration you need. Or maybe you will just wake up in a few hours with a room filled with food.

If you are in need of some help to get the creative juices flowing, use the bong name generator above. It will give you a steady stream of awesome suggestions that will fit any range of size, colour and brand of product. You just have to pull the trigger on whichever one you like the most.

bong names

If you are someone who has been gathering an epic list of killer bong names over the years, why not share some of the best in the comments below. We are always on the hunt for some new, entertaining names that people can christen their new friend with.

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