Using Bass Shakers With PlayStation 5

    bass shakers with playstation 5

    Bass Shakers are a great way to enhance your gaming experience. I have gone into detail about bass shakers for gaming already but what about using them with the PlayStation 5?

    If you are thinking of picking up a butt-kicker or any other bass shakers for your PS5, you will be happy to know that they will work perfectly. If you already have a home cinema, you will be able to hook up the bass shakers and have them work with a range of different game consoles with minimal configuration for each.

    What You Will Need To Use Bass Shakers with PS5

    Bass shakers will require an amplifier that is able to take the audio feed from your PS5 and send the signal to the bass shakers. There are a huge range of different amplifiers that can be used for this. The tricky part comes with how to actually take the audio feed from the PlayStation console and send it to those bass shakers. This guide will explain how to do this.

    Before going into the audio feeds, setting up the bass shakers will be the exact same no matter what you are doing. This standard wiring diagram for bass shakers can be used as a guide to set up multiple bass shakers depending on your setup.

    Use Audio Video Reciever

    This is the easiest option but is also more expensive if you do not already have a sound system with a subwoofer out port. Your console will connect to an AVR via an HDMI cable or an optical in some cases. The AVR will then have outputs for a range of different speakers, one of which will be a subwoofer.

    Connect this to the subwoofer amplifier input and you now have a perfect low-frequency audio feed to send straight to your bass shakers. You are set up and ready to go!

    Use A Soundbar with Subwoofer Output

    Soundbars often support a subwoofer. If you have one, it likely only has a single subwoofer output. You want to keep the existing subwoofer so you will need to purchase a splitter cable that will give you two feeds from the single subwoofer output. Connect this subwoofer feed to your subwoofer amp and you will be able to play games on Ps5 with bass shakers.


    1. Do you know if it’s working when the game sound is played via the PlayStation headset? Is there an option to use headset and receiver at the same time?

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