How To Make PS4 Remote Play Faster

    Remote Play Faster

    This has been a question that has been around since the feature first launched and will likely remain something that will be an issue for a lot of people in the future. Remote play is running slow and you want a way to make PS4 remote play faster. Like any network related issue, this one can have a large number of causes and solutions. In this guide, I will try to give a few useful tips to know about when you are trying to sleep up remote play and make the connection faster.

    The first thing you need to know with the speed of remote play is that its slow in general. Even when it’s working at 100% peak performance, there can still be some lag. Particularly with the PS TV. Getting a perfect, full speed, real-time response from the remote play feature is not something I was ever able to achieve on the vita or PS TV, but I was able to get some good results by taking the following steps.

    Connect directly to the PS4…or don’t

    I apologize for the lack of a concrete answer here. Depending on the location of your PS4 and router, it may be faster to choose one over the other. To make this worse, it can even vary from within the house. For example, my PS4 is upstairs. When I am downstairs it’s faster to connect via the internet, when upstairs its faster to connect directly. It is annoying as hell if you move around the house, but it is the price to pay. You can set this setting in the remote play section of the settings.

    Use a wired connection

    This, of course, doesn’t apply to the vita, but if you are using a PC or the PS TV, you will likely have the ability to use a wired connection to connect directly to the network. A wired connection is always faster and more reliable than a WiFi connection. The same is the case for the PS4. If you have the option, connect the PS4 to the network using a wired connection to make there is one less signal to worry about.

    Optimize the wireless connection

    If you are unable to use a wired connection, there are some things you can do to boost the wireless connection. WiFi signals sort of work like sound waves, they bounce off walls easier than they travel through them.

    1. Open doors so as not to obstruct the signal.
    2. Put the WiFi router in an open location so the signal doesn’t get lost.
    3. Get a WiFi repeater to boost the signal around the house.
    4. Place the device in a location where it can get a good signal.
    5. Make sure the PS4 is in a location where it isn’t being blocked.

    Does the game support remote play?

    So, yes, all games support remote play, but this is built in support on the operating system level. There is, however, the option for developers to add dedicated support for remote play. In most cases that I have seen, this will do great things for the performance. With all of the same variables, the performance can improve massively if you are playing a game that has dedicated remote play support. This is, of course, nothing you can control, but it is a good piece of information to know if you are doing everything you can and it isn’t improving performance.

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