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How do i get metal dowels?

Where do you find metal dowels to repair the broken table at the bar?
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PS5 NAT Type Bug

For those who are trying to get NAT type 1 on the PS5, you may find that it is impossible. There are a lot of people on Reddit who are reporting the same issue. Having done some testing with the...

Perhaps he will speak to the spirit of the Mari Lwyd?

Need help! When I try to speak to the druid I get, he will not speak to Eivor but perhaps he will speak to the Mari Lwyd?

Where's the druids home? Meet Halewyn the druid??

Where is the lake where the druid is living for the clues and riddles quest?
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How to find and speak to Gunnar in Western Glowecestre

When you first pledge to Glowecestre, you will not get an immediate quest objective that tells you where to go. The clue will be to "Locate where the Afon and Thames Rivers meet" and you will find Gunnar on the...

Force open the door at Petuaria Ruins?

How do you force open the locked door at Petuaria Ruins to access the key inside?

The Ceremony will only start when Halfdan is present?

How do you get Halfdan to arivive at the ceremony? I cant meditate to wait but the quest is saying the ceremony cant begin until halfdan arrives?

Honor's Hubris - How do you extend the ladders?

How are you meant to drop down the ladder to the men below in the Honor's Hubris quest?

How To Get Inside The House With Moira?

How do i help Moira escape from the house that is surrounded by villagers calling her a witch?