Tips for Evading the Police in Need for Speed Unbound

Welcome to the Tips for Evading the Police Guide for Need for Speed Unbound! In this guide, we will focus on strategies and tactics for evading the police during high-speed pursuits, including tips on using the environment and car upgrades to your advantage. Successfully escaping the police can help you avoid fines, impounded vehicles, and other penalties. Let’s get started!

1. Know Your Surroundings

Familiarize yourself with the game’s map and the various locations that can be used to your advantage during police chases. These may include:

  • Narrow alleys: Use narrow alleys and tight spaces to force police cars to slow down or crash.
  • Jump spots: Utilize jumps and ramps to create distance between you and the pursuing officers.
  • Destructible objects: Knock over obstacles, such as street signs or construction barriers, to create roadblocks and slow down the police.

2. Plan Your Escape Route

When evading the police, it’s essential to have a plan and know where you’re headed. Try to:

  • Lead the chase to a familiar area: Drive towards areas you know well, as this can give you an advantage when navigating tight turns or finding shortcuts.
  • Avoid dead ends: Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid driving into dead ends or areas with limited escape routes.

3. Master Advanced Driving Techniques

Utilize advanced driving techniques, such as drifting, drafting, and managing nitrous, to outmaneuver the police and maintain a high speed during pursuits. These techniques can help you:

  • Navigate tight corners: Drift around tight corners to maintain speed and control, making it harder for the police to keep up.
  • Create distance: Use nitrous strategically to create distance between you and the pursuing officers, especially when exiting tight corners or overtaking other vehicles.

4. Use Pursuit Breakers

Pursuit Breakers are environmental objects that can be used to disable or slow down police vehicles during a chase. Examples of Pursuit Breakers include:

  • Gas stations: Drive through gas stations to cause explosions and create roadblocks.
  • Water towers: Knock down water towers to flood the streets and slow down pursuing vehicles.
  • Construction sites: Navigate through construction sites to trigger collapses and create obstacles for the police.

5. Upgrade Your Vehicle

Invest in performance upgrades and modifications to improve your car’s speed, handling, and durability during police chases. Consider the following upgrades:

  • Engine upgrades: Improve your car’s acceleration and top speed to outrun the police more effectively.
  • Suspension and handling: Enhance your car’s handling and cornering abilities to navigate tight turns and evade pursuing vehicles.
  • Reinforced chassis: Strengthen your car’s chassis to withstand collisions with police vehicles and other obstacles.

6. Utilize Cooldown Spots

Cooldown spots are locations where you can hide from the police and reduce your heat level during a pursuit. Examples of cooldown spots include:

  • Parking garages: Drive into parking garages and park your car in a secluded spot to avoid detection.
  • Alleys: Hide in narrow alleys or behind buildings to break the line of sight with pursuing officers.
  • Tunnels: Drive through tunnels or underpasses to escape helicopter surveillance.

7. Adapt to Police Tactics

As your heat level increases, the police will employ more aggressive tactics and deploy more advanced vehicles to apprehend you. Be prepared to adapt your strategy and counter these tactics, such as:

  • Roadblocks: Look for gaps in roadblocks or use ramps to jump over them.
  • Spike strips: Keep an eye out for spike strips and avoid driving over them to prevent tire damage.
  • PIT maneuvers: Be aware of police vehicles attempting to perform PIT maneuvers and counter by maintaining control of your car and accelerating away.


By following these tips and strategies for evading the police in Need for Speed Unbound, you can successfully escape high-speed pursuits and avoid the penalties associated with being caught. Remember to stay calm, think strategically, and utilize your driving skills to outmaneuver the police and maintain your freedom. Good luck, and happy driving!

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