Secrets and Easter Eggs in Need for Speed Unbound

Welcome to the Secrets and Easter Eggs Guide for Need for Speed Unbound! In this guide, we will explore the hidden secrets, easter eggs, and references scattered throughout the game. Discovering these hidden gems can add an extra layer of excitement and enjoyment to your Need for Speed Unbound experience. Let’s get started!

1. Hidden Billboards

Throughout the open world of Need for Speed Unbound, you can find hidden billboards featuring references to previous Need for Speed titles, famous car brands, and even popular internet memes. Keep an eye out for these billboards as you explore the city and countryside, and try to smash all of them to unlock a special reward.

2. Classic Car Tributes

Need for Speed Unbound pays homage to iconic cars from the franchise’s history by including them as rare collectible vehicles. These classic cars can be found hidden in various locations around the map, often tucked away in barns or abandoned buildings. Once discovered, these vehicles can be restored and added to your garage.

3. Nostalgic Racing Locations

Some of the racing locations in Need for Speed Unbound are inspired by or directly reference tracks and settings from previous games in the series. For example, you might find a race that takes place on a recreation of the famous “Atlantica” circuit from Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, or a drift event set in the iconic mountain roads from Need for Speed: Carbon.

4. Developer Cameos

The development team behind Need for Speed Unbound has left their mark on the game in various ways. You can find billboards and in-game advertisements featuring the developers’ faces or names, as well as graffiti and street art that reference the studio’s logo or other projects they have worked on.

5. Pop Culture References

Need for Speed Unbound is filled with subtle nods to popular movies, TV shows, and other video games. For example, you might stumble upon a car with a paint job that resembles the famous “General Lee” from The Dukes of Hazzard, or a street race that takes place near a building with a sign that reads “Los Pollos Hermanos,” a reference to the TV show Breaking Bad.

6. Mysterious Collectibles

Scattered throughout the game world are various hidden collectibles, such as vinyl records, toy cars, and other mysterious objects. Collecting these items can unlock unique rewards, such as exclusive car customization options, and may even reveal hidden lore or backstory elements related to the game’s world and characters.

7. Secret Race Events

In addition to the regular races and events available in Need for Speed Unbound, there are also secret race events that can only be discovered by exploring the open world. These hidden events often have unique rules or challenges, such as racing against a ghost car or completing a course with a specific vehicle. Completing these secret events can earn you exclusive rewards and bragging rights among your friends.

Need for Speed Unbound is filled with hidden secrets, easter eggs, and references that can provide hours of entertainment for dedicated players. If you are just starting out, check out our beginner’s guide for Need for Speed: Unbound. By exploring the game world and keeping an eye out for these hidden gems, you can enhance your Need for Speed Unbound experience and uncover the many surprises that await. Happy hunting!

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