The Fury Boss Fight Guide

The Fury Boss Fight Guide

In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, one of the intense boss battles you will face is against The Fury, a member of the Cobra Unit known for his mastery of fire and explosives. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step approach to the battle, along with some tips and tricks to help you defeat him more easily.

The Fury’s primary weapon is a powerful flamethrower, which he uses to unleash devastating fire attacks. The battle takes place in a dark, underground tunnel system, making visibility limited and navigation challenging. Your goal is to locate and defeat The Fury while avoiding his fiery onslaught.

The Fury Boss Fight Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare for the Battle

Before engaging in the boss fight, make sure you have the following items equipped:

  • M1911A1 pistol or another reliable weapon (for dealing damage)
  • Mk22 tranquilizer gun (for non-lethal takedowns)
  • Thermal goggles or the AP sensor (to detect The Fury)
  • Rations and other food items (to maintain stamina)
  • Cure items (to treat injuries and burns)

Step 2: Equip Thermal Goggles or the AP Sensor

As soon as the battle begins, equip your thermal goggles or the AP sensor to help you locate The Fury, who will be hiding and moving throughout the dark tunnel system.

Step 3: Stay Low and Use Cover

To avoid being hit by The Fury’s flamethrower, stay low by crawling or crouching and make use of the various pipes, walls, and other obstacles as cover while navigating the area.

Step 4: Locate The Fury

Use your thermal goggles or the AP sensor to spot The Fury as he moves between hiding spots. Listen for the sound of his flamethrower and footsteps to help pinpoint his location.

Step 5: Attack When The Fury is Vulnerable

Wait for The Fury to finish using his flamethrower or when he is reloading, as this is the perfect time to attack with your M1911A1 pistol or another reliable weapon. Aim for his head for maximum damage.

Step 6: Keep Moving and Avoid Fire

After attacking The Fury, quickly relocate to avoid his counterattacks. Be mindful of the flames he leaves behind, as they can cause damage and obstruct your path.

Step 7: Maintain Stamina and Health

Keep Snake’s stamina up during the battle by eating food and using rations. Also, be sure to use cure items to treat any injuries or burns from The Fury’s attacks.

Step 8: Repeat and Adapt

Continue to follow steps 2-7, adapting your strategy as needed based on The Fury’s movements and actions. Patience and observation are key in this battle; take your time and wait for the right opportunities to strike.

Tips, Tricks, and Known Glitches

  1. Use water barrels: Scattered throughout the tunnel system are water barrels that can be shot to extinguish nearby flames. Use these strategies to create safe paths and keep The Fury’s fire under control.
  2. Exploit The Fury’s jetpack: When The Fury uses his jetpack to fly, he becomes an easier target. Take advantage of this opportunity to land some shots on him while he is in the air.
  3. Use the shotgun: If you have acquired the M37 shotgun, it can be very effective against The Fury at close range. However, be cautious when approaching him, as his flamethrower can deal significant damage up close.
  4. Known Glitch – Quick Defeat: There is a known glitch that can be exploited to defeat The Fury quickly. When the battle starts, immediately throw a stun grenade and shoot The Fury with the Mk22 tranquilizer gun while he is stunned. If done correctly, he will not recover from the stun, and you can defeat him with minimal effort.

By following this step-by-step guide and utilizing the tips, tricks, and known glitches provided, you should be able to defeat The Fury in Metal Gear Solid 3 with relative ease. Remember to stay patient, observant, and make use of the environment to your advantage. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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