Fatman Boss Fight Guide

Fatman Boss Fight Guide

Fatman is a boss in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and a member of the Dead Cell terrorist group. Known for his bomb-making skills and rollerblades, Fatman can be a challenging and unique opponent.

Before engaging Fatman in combat, ensure you have the following equipment:

  1. SOCOM or USP: These semi-automatic pistols are essential for this boss fight. Choose the one you’re most comfortable with.
  2. Coolant Spray: This item is vital for defusing Fatman’s bombs. You’ll receive it from Peter Stillman before the battle.
  3. Ration: Rations are essential for replenishing health during the fight. Collect as many as possible before the battle.

Understanding Fatman’s Attack Patterns

Fatman has several attack patterns that you should familiarize yourself with to effectively counter him during the battle:

  1. Planting Bombs: Fatman will skate around the area and plant bombs, which will detonate after a short period. You must defuse these bombs using the Coolant Spray.
  2. Gunfire: Fatman will occasionally stop to shoot at you with his handgun. Keep moving to avoid his shots.
  3. Charge: Fatman may charge at you on his rollerblades, attempting to knock you down. Dodge or jump out of his way to avoid taking damage.

Strategies for Defeating Fatman

To defeat Fatman, follow these strategies:

  1. Defuse Bombs: Prioritize defusing Fatman’s bombs using the Coolant Spray. Keep an eye on your radar to locate the bombs and defuse them before they explode.
  2. Shoot Fatman: When Fatman stops to shoot at you or plant a bomb, use this opportunity to shoot him. Aim for his head for maximum damage.
  3. Keep moving: Stay in constant motion to avoid Fatman’s gunfire and charges. Use the roll maneuver to quickly change direction and evade his attacks.
  4. Use obstacles: Use the crates and other objects in the area as cover to avoid Fatman’s gunfire. Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid standing near bombs.
  5. Use rations wisely: Only use rations when your health is low. Be mindful of your ration supply and try to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Defusing the Final Hidden Bomb

After defeating Fatman, there is one last hidden bomb that you must find and defuse before it detonates. This section will guide you through locating and defusing the final bomb.

Locating the Hidden Bomb

  1. Listen for the beeping: After defeating Fatman, pay attention to the beeping sound indicating the presence of a bomb. The beeping will become louder and more frequent as you get closer to the bomb’s location.
  2. Inspect Fatman’s body: Approach Fatman’s body and notice that the beeping becomes more intense. This indicates that the bomb is hidden underneath him.
  3. Drag Fatman’s body: Stand near Fatman’s body and press the action button to grab him. While holding the action button, move away from his body to drag it, revealing the hidden bomb underneath.

Defusing the Hidden Bomb

  1. Equip the Coolant Spray: With the bomb revealed, quickly equip the Coolant Spray from your inventory.
  2. Aim at the bomb: Position yourself so that the bomb is within your line of sight. Aim the Coolant Spray at the bomb.
  3. Spray the bomb: Press the attack button to spray the Coolant Spray onto the bomb. Continue spraying until the bomb is completely defused, as indicated by the cessation of the beeping sound.

The Fatman boss fight in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty can be challenging due to the need to balance offense and bomb defusal. By understanding Fatman’s attack patterns and employing the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-prepared to defeat him and progress further into the game. Stay focused, prioritize bomb defusal, and take advantage of openings in his attacks to secure victory.

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