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Slyde Box Art


Slyde is a classic sliding tile puzzle with 100 high quality images and 3 difficulty modes.


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Easy PS4 Platinums 30+ Games

Why do we hunt for trophies? Who knows! Once you get hooked all you want are more. The system is not entirely balanced though. Some games take 1000+ hours and others take 15 minutes. For those looking for some easy...
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Easy PSVR Platinums

PSVR games tend to get ignored quite a bit when it comes to trophies. Most of the time it's due to the games not having platinums. For those that do, more often than not they have a short platinum. This...
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12 PS4 Games You Can Platinum In An Hour

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If you are looking to get some quick platinum trophies then this list is going to help you out a lot. No need to worry about spending 100s of hours, for these games you can get the platinum in an...