Can't reach other side of moving sand in Lanayru Mine

How to get to the other side of the cave in Lanayru mine without running out if stamina

How to break wall under waterfall at ravensthorpe

How do you break the wall underneath the waterfall at ravensthorpe?

How do you exit the cave at the well of urd?

I am stuck at the well of urd in Asgard. How do you exit the cave after completing the task here.
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Building A Tunnel Drilling Machine

Exploring caves below the planet's surface in Astroneer can be a lot of fun. The deeper you go, however, research rocks, Exo research boxes and resources become more of a hassle to collect due to the long walk it takes...

Do wind turbines work underground?

Do wind turbines generate energy when they are underground. Can they be used to power batteries?

How deep can you dig?

How deep can you dig into the planets in Astroneer, can you get all the way to the bottom?