The PSVR (PlayStation VR) is the first VR headset released by Sony for the PlayStation 4. The system hardware is not as powerful and advanced as some of the other VR headsets on the market, but for the low price tag it makes it one of the most accessible VR experiences available.

Sony and other game developers have been actively pushing games out for the PSVR which has resulted in it having a large collection of games with it growing considerably as more games from PC are being ported over.

Below is a collection of PSVR games that are currently available. If there is a mistake with any of these games, please let me know.


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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The next chapter in the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls saga arrives from the makers of the 2006 and 2008 Games of the Year, Bethesda Game Studios. Skyrim reimagines and revolutionizes the open-world fantasy epic, bringing to life a complete virtual...
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Arizona Sunshine

A zombie outbreak has taken over the united states. You must make your way through the Arizona countryside in the hope of finding rescue.
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Farpoint VR

Farpoint is an unnerving VR space adventure set on a hostile alien planet. On a mission to pick up scientists studying an anomaly near Jupiter, a rupture from the anomaly transports the player and scientists to an unknown alien world.
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PlayStation VR Worlds

Step into PlayStation VR Worlds and journey through five unique and exclusive PlayStation®VR experiences. Go nose to nose with a great white shark, crawl through decaying space hulks, weave between oncoming traffic, survive a futuristic sport or take part in...
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A first person grappling hook exploration game. Soar through the ruins of a fallen civilisation and discover the secrets of the ancient world. Windlands has been developed primarily for Virtual Reality headsets, but is also a great experience for those...
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Blasters of the Universe

Blasters of the Universe is the first of its kind, bringing the bullet hell genre into first person VR. Intense gameplay is heavily reliant on physical movement, requiring the player to duck, dodge, twist, turn, and maneuver their way through...
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Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality

Forget everything you know about backstreet surgery. The moment you have been waiting for your whole life is here! Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality is taking the ER to VR, where you can perform all of Bob’s favourite procedures with your...
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Pixel Gear

Pixel Gear is a pixel style VR shoot-em-up with a variety of humorous cartoon monsters and ghosts as enemies. Utlize your skills and weapons to defeat them, gain energy, and apply your skills wisely to slow down time and load...
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Superhot VR

SUPERHOT VR is a title reimagined and redesigned from the ground up for Oculus Rift and Touch hand tracking controllers. The fruit of over three years of close cooperation between the critically acclaimed SUPERHOT Team and Oculus, SUPERHOT VR brings...
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Bandit Six: Combined Arms

Bandit Six: Combined Arms puts you in the seat of a World War II tail gunner on a large warplane. You must defend the plane from attacking fighters. A second game mode lets you play as a turret gunner on...


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